Plans reminiscent of war: Camp of thousands of migrants next to the Polish fence (vids) |


War and siege are reminiscent of plans on the Belarus-Poland border, as thousands of desperate migrants seeking a better life in Europe have gathered along the Polish fence, “besieging” it.

With the fence being nothing more than barbed wire, at least across most of the border, migrants have set up a makeshift camp, a slum a few meters from the fence, seeking an opportunity to cross into European territory. On the Polish side, the authorities have been declared on high alert and there is a reinforcement of forces, while there are also uniformed personnel from other countries.

The EU must be prepared to face an increase in the number of migrants entering the European bloc, with the arrival of many people from the Middle East via Belarus expected to continue for a long time, Frontex chief executive Fabrice Legger said on Friday. .


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