Moscow has appointed its own mayor of Melitopolis


THE Russia appointed a I was a Member of Parliament in position of the elected mayor of Melitopolis where was abducted from Russian troopsat the time the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, made threats against possible collaborators and supporters of Russia in Ukraine.

The pro-Russian MP Galina Danilchenkowho was appointed to replace ousted elected mayor Ivan Fedorov, called on Melitopol residents to “adapt to the new reality.”

The same asked from residents to stop to demonstrate He stressed that there were still people in the city who could try to destabilize “the situation and provoke a reaction of bad behavior”.

Danilchenko said she plans to create one People’s Committee which will solve the issues of Melitopoliswhere about 150,000 people live, and its wider region.

However the Ukrainian President Zelensky said in a video message that those who will be tempted by the offers of Russian invaders they themselves sign the verdict against them. “The verdict is to follow the more than 12,000 invaders who could not understand in time why they should not attack Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian side has stated that more than 12,000 Russian soldiers they have killed in war in Ukrainesomething that can not be verified by an independent source.

In his statement, Zelensky referred to recent events in the Russian-occupied territories of the Kherson region in southern Ukraine.

There, Russia is trying to “repeat the sad experience of forming pseudo-democracies,” Zelensky said. “They are blackmailing local leaders, putting pressure on MPs, looking to bribe someone,” he said.

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