Ukrainian officer in Lugansk accuses Moscow of using phosphorus bombs


A Ukrainian officer of the police of his district Lugansk (east) blamed on Saturday night to Sunday Russian army that bombed his community with phosphorus bombs.

According to Alexei Bilocicki, head of the Popasna police station, about 100 kilometers west of Lugansk, the Russians used phosphorous bombs against his area.

“This is what the Nazis called the ‘burning onion’ and this is what the ‘Russians’ (a combination of the words Russian and fascist) are launching against our cities. “Indescribable pain and fires,” he wrote on Facebook.

This information has not been verified, notes the French Agency.

At the same time, also at Donbass, in Kramatorsk, a train carrying civilians to Lviv, in western Ukraine, was the target of bombings Saturday night through Sunday, according to Donetsk regional military chief Pavlo Kirilenko. One person was killed and another was injured in the bombing, according to him.

In Donbas, two orthodox churches, where civilians had taken refuge, were also hit during the fighting, according to regional authorities: the church in Sviatogyursk and a church in Sheverodonetsk.

Local authorities have not issued a report.

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