Financial Times: Russia has asked China for military equipment


London, Thanasis Gavos

Russia has asked China to provide military equipment in support of the invasion of Ukraine, raising fears in the United States that Beijing could undermine Western efforts to help Ukrainian forces defend their country.

This is reported by the Financial Times response from Washington on Sunday night, citing US officials.

The Russian request concerns “military equipment and other assistance” and has been submitted since the beginning of the invasion. Officials declined to say what kind of Chinese equipment Moscow was requesting.

Another British newspaper source said Washington was preparing to warn allies of the allegations, “amid some indications that China may be preparing to help Russia.”

Other officials have indicated that Russian forces are lacking some weapons.

The White House and the Chinese embassy in the US capital declined to comment on the report.

On Monday, President Biden’s national security adviser will meet in Rome with Beijing’s top foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi. FT sources say Sullivan will strongly warn China that any attempt to help Russia will have consequences.

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