In Ukraine the legendary sniper Wali who fought ISIS- Watch video


Wally, a well-known Canadian sniper veteran who served in the Afghanistan war, is rushing to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

As the planet breathes a sigh of relief as Russian troops approach the historic Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, according to Wallis, Putin’s troops will pay a devastating price when they finally set foot in the besieged city.

Selected Veteran on two tours of Afghanistan with the Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment, Wally left behind a fiancée, a one-year-old son and a comfortable life as a computer programmer to rush to Ukraine, which has appealed to foreign recruits.

He has been hiding in secret corners and streets of Kiev for weeks, ready to welcome the first Russian invader he sees with a bullet from his rifle.

“I do not like the idea of ​​shooting anyone. “But when the time comes to push the trigger, I will not hesitate,” he told the Daily Mail in an exclusive telephone interview.

“If Putin really wants Kyiv, he will have to pay a huge price. Nobody wants the Russians here and everyone will resist. The damage we can do to them will be insane. “They will lose so many lives that there will be another Stalingrad.” sums up.


Daily Mail

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