Pope Francis: “Sacrifice” the war in Ukraine


Addressing the faithful in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis unequivocally condemned once again the Russian attack on Ukraine. In particular, the pope stressed:

“All this is inhumane. They are, in fact, sacrilege, because they contradict the sanctity of human life. They are particularly opposed to the defenseless human life, which must be respected and protected, not exterminated, which matters more than any strategy. We must not forget it: it is an inhuman and sacrilegious obscenity. “

Referring to yesterday’s visit to the Babin Jeju Pediatric Hospital in Rome, which hosts and treats 19 refugee children from Ukraine, Francis added: “One child lost his arm, another has a head injury; it’s children’s ».

The Argentine pope, always referring to the drama of the war, finally stated: “Millions of refugees are leaving their homeland, leaving everything behind. I am filled with pain knowing that there are many who can not even leave the battlefield.

So many grandparents, sick and poor, are forced to separate from their families. So many children and defenseless people die under the bombs without being able to help and without being safe even in the air shelters. “All this is inhumane,” the pope concluded.

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