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Mayor of Kiev: We will never surrender


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“In the worst case we will die but we will never surrender,” he said today mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschkobefore the Council of Europe and while Russian troops are trying to encircle his city.

“As mayor of KievI promise you one thing, never Russians “They will not enter Kyiv,” the former world boxing champion said during a teleconference with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, the Council of Europe assembly representing local elected officials based in Strasbourg.

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“We fortified every building, every street, every corner of the city. We will fight to defend our city and our future. “We will not kneel,” he added. “In the worst case we will die but we will never surrender.”

THE former boxer called on European countries to support Ukraine “economically, politically and militarily” against Russia. “We need weapons, we are fighting one of the most powerful armies on the planet,” he said.

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Today, attack with unmanned aircraft in a building of the National Academy of Sciences in Kyiv, caused the death of a man, according to a correspondent of the French Agency. On Sunday, a Russian rocket hit a shopping mall in the city, killing at least eight people. According to Moscow, the mall “did not work” and served as a weapons depot.

New traffic ban in the Ukrainian capital is valid from Monday night to Wednesday morning, the third since the start of the war. Kyiv remains under threat from an attack by the Russian army, which is encamped in its northwestern and eastern suburbs.

Speaking at the same meeting, o Ukrainian Minister for Communities and TerritoriesOleksiy Chernysov, called on “European companies” located in Russia to stop their activities in that country.

“The companies that continue to work at Russia “Today, when the state coffers are full, they are granting this barbarity,” he said.

“They are your companies. Every time a coin falls into the coffers of the Russian state, there are bombs that kill Ukrainian citizensHe insisted.

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