London: Asks YouTube to download’s prank videos


of Thanassis Gavos

Letter to YouTube authorities with a request to download excerpts from the video call received by Minister Ben Wallace from a Russian farmer addressed the British Ministry of Defense.

In the two excerpts that have been posted, the British minister appears to be answering questions from someone pretending to be the Ukrainian Prime Minister about Kiev’s nuclear ambitions and more anti-tank weapons from London.

The letter notes that the videos “pose a significant threat to the UK’s national security and to our defense commitments to NATO”, while undermining the international partnership in support of Ukraine.

Indicatively, it is pointed out that the reference of the prankster to British anti-tank weapons that “do not work” is inaccurate and aims to undermine the UK’s reputation as a leading supplier in the field of defense. It could also hurt the morale of Ukrainians.

As for Wallace’s reference to “depleted” British anti-tank weapons, the letter described it as a “processing” product and also inaccurate.

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