Mystery with the “disappeared” Shoigu – Rumors of a heart attack after Putin’s attack


A veil of mystery covers the “disappearance” from the public speech of the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, although the Kremlin tried to … show him but without anyone seeing him.

Now new scenarios are making the rounds on social media with the adviser of the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerastsenko, stating in his Facebook post that Shoigu suffered a heart attack following a verbal attack by Vladimir Putin on the failure of Russian troops in Ukraine.

In fact, Gerastshenko claims that the Russian Minister of Defense, who has appeared in public only once since March 11, is being treated in a military hospital.

Agentstvo, a Russian independent investigative news agency aimed at exposing government corruption, told the Telegram how one of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies last appeared on public television on March 11.

Agentstvo, citing an anonymous official, speculated that Shoigu may be unwell and suffering from “heart problems”, although the agency could not confirm this.

In a lengthy post on its messaging service, Agentstvo reported that Russia’s state-run Channel One broadcast a story on March 18 about Soigo’s presence at an awards ceremony that day. However, the photo used for the incident allegedly came from a video posted on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 11.

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