The British Museum insists on its position on the Parthenon Sculptures


London, Thanassis Gavos

With the firm arguments in favor of the stay of the Parthenon Sculptures in London, a representative of the British Museum answered a question from SKAI about the reaction to the statements of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis about the reunification of the Sculptures in Athens.

“The British Museum tells the story of cultural achievements around the world, from the dawn of human history more than 2 million years ago until today. The sculptures of the Parthenon are an important part of this story “, is the position of the Museum Committees to which the representative referred.

He continued: “The Museum is a unique aid to the world: the breadth and depth of its collection allow a global audience to explore cultural identities and explore the complex network of interconnected human cultures. Commissioners lend (exhibits) extensively around the world and over 3.5 million items from the collection are available to examine online. The Parthenon sculptures are a vital element in this interconnected world collection. They are part of the world common heritage and transcend political boundaries.

The Acropolis Museum allows the sculptures of the Parthenon located in Athens, about half of what survives from the ancient world, to be appreciated against the background of Athenian history. The sculptures of the Parthenon in London are an important representation of the ancient Athenian civilization in the context of world history. Every year, millions of visitors, for free, admire the mastery of the sculptures and gain an idea of ​​how ancient Greece was influenced and how it was influenced by other cultures with which it met. “The Commissioners strongly believe that it is a positive advantage and a public benefit for the sculptures to be shared between two great museums, with each telling a complementary but different story.”

The arguments of the Commissioners of the British Museum, to which the representative referred for more details, also refer to the removal of the sculptures from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin with permission in the form of a firman, while they note that his actions were deemed completely legal after a thorough examination. British Parliamentary Committee in 1816.

Mr. Mitsotakis has announced in advance that he will raise the issue of the return of the Sculptures to his British counterpart Boris Johnson at the meeting that will take place on Tuesday afternoon in Downing Street.

The spokeswoman also referred to the fact that the room that houses the Parthenon Sculptures remains, like some others, closed due to maintenance work since May, when the British Museum reopened its gates after the national lockdown due to a pandemic.

“The Museum is a historic and registered building and structural assessments are underway throughout the area. We have a team of experts who conduct regular inspections throughout the Museum to oversee and ensure proper risk management for the collection. The care of the collection and the safety of our visitors and staff is our top priority.

The necessary work that is being carried out is part of a building repair and maintenance program that will allow future work on the Museum. “Together with these necessary repairs, we are developing a strategic plan to transform the British Museum for the future.”


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