Schinas: Those who tried to exploit human suffering to attack Europe failed |


Those who tried to exploit human suffering to invade Europe have failed, Commission Vice President Margaritis Schoinas told ERT and ZDF during his visit to Baghdad for talks on tackling the instrumentalisation of immigrants by the Luo regime.

“I think the fight against authoritarian leaders, who are trying to take advantage of human suffering to attack Europe, will continue, but the good thing is that those who tried to do it against Europe have all failed. So this is an incentive for Europe to mobilize our political will to defend our external borders as a shared responsibility, but it is finally asking us to agree on an EU asylum and immigration policy so that we can work as architects in the field. of immigration not as firefighters as we do now “said Mr. Schoinas. He also noted that “there has already been a wave of voluntary returns, 600 in the summer and about 150 now I think we need to focus on the humanitarian part. People need to get away from the forest. “It will not be easy, but first the Iraqi authorities need to do more, second they need to discuss with the Belarussian regime how to organize it.”

The Vice President of the Commission added that “it is encouraging that both the UAE and Lebanon, Turkey and even the Syrian airline have all clearly stated their intention to stop flying or to stop nationalities from flying. That is a huge step forward. “


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