Boris Johnson’s father under pressure with accusations that he grabbed the buttocks of two women |


London, Thanassis Gavos

A full investigation into the behavior of Stanley Johnson, the 81-year-old father of the British Prime Minister, has been called for by Labor leader Sir Kir Starmer.

Mr Johnson Sr. was accused in a Sky News show of violence against women by Conservative MP Caroline Knox for hitting her hard on the back during a Conservative Party congress in Blackpool in 2003.

Ms Knox was 31 at the time and was running for party’s candidate for the Romsey and North Southampton counties. As she described, Mr. Johnson hit her “as hard as he could” in the back, saying “oh, Romsey, you have a great seat.”

Ms Knox, who also chairs the House of Commons Committee on Women and Equality, said she was making the revelation now because she would like her daughter to report a similar incident in the future.

Shortly afterwards, New Statesman journalist Alba Ria accused Stanley Johnson of “punching” her during the Conservatives’ 2019 conference.

Asked to comment on Knox’s complaint, Mr Johnson replied that he had no recollection of the MP.

Asked about the allegations, International Trade Minister Anne-Marie Trevelian said her own reaction in such a case would be to slap anyone who touched her inappropriately. As for the possibility of an investigation into the matter, however, he said it concerns Ms. Knox and the party.


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