Northern Macedonia hopes for lifting of Bulgarian veto on start of accession negotiations |


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Northern Macedonia does not hide high hopes that the winners of the Bulgarian elections, the “Change Continues” party, will help lift the veto in Skopje’s negotiations with the EU. At the same time, the Northern Macedonian authorities have intensified the intrigue. , announcing the name of the Bulgarian Foreign Minister they would prefer – Daniel Lorer from “Change Continues”. This is even before the start of negotiations for the formation of a government in Bulgaria.

Northern Macedonia’s special envoy for talks with Bulgaria, Vlado Buckovski, explained that he could find common ground with a possible new Bulgarian government with Prime Minister Kirill Petkov and Foreign Minister Lorer.

“Lorer has excellent knowledge and is his closest collaborator (Petkov). He was in his office when he was acting Minister of Economy. He is Jewish and graduated from Tel Aviv University. “He is said to have experience in the negotiations and to be the ideal person for the solution (of the problem),” Butskowski told Sloboden Pechat.

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Bulgaria shortly before the elections, Kirill Petkov explained that he supports greater pragmatism and more intensive dialogue with Northern Macedonia.

“Change Continues” proposes that negotiations with Skopje be conducted with the participation of businessmen and scientists, not just historians.

“We need to start real negotiations, something that has not happened so far,” Petkov said.

In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Kirill Petkov announced for the first time that this process should be led by someone like Daniel Lorer, who is a “venture capitalist who speaks six languages ​​and trades all his life”.

Petkov explained that there would be demands on Skopje, such as the protection of the rights of Bulgarian citizens and the Bulgarian minority – “but not through a change in the Constitution, because it will become complicated”.

Now Vlado Buckovski comments that Skopje is receiving encouraging messages about the new Bulgarian strategy, which he says would satisfy [βορειο] Macedonians, but notes that time is not on their side.

Northern Macedonia has completed its integration into NATO

Twenty months after joining the North Atlantic Military Alliance, Northern Macedonia completed the phase of integrating its armed forces into NATO command and force structures with a joint statement signed in Skopje on the successful completion of the process.


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