The five most “attractive” cities in the world


Strong attraction poles not only for people but also for investments and businesses are some cities in the world, a property that some retain even after the pandemic strikes.

In particular, according to the World Economic Forum, the concept of “connectivity” has changed since the launch of Covid-19 and now the list of the most “magnetic” cities is based on six criteria, which are evaluated by the Global Power City index: economy, research and development (R&D), cultural interaction, quality of life, environment and accessibility.

According to the index, the top five magnet cities are:

1. London
London ranks very high in all the criteria set. It is worth noting, however, that overall it does not appear to be as strong a pole of attraction as last year, as the pandemic negatively affected the city’s connectivity.

2. New York
It is one of the cities that consistently reappears in the annual list, as it occupies a leading position among other cities in terms of economic criteria, but also in the field of research and development.

3. Tokyo
The city has significantly improved the ability to consolidate new trends by hosting the latest Olympic Games

4. Paris
The city of light gets an extremely high rating due to the quality of life it offers, but also the easy accessibility

5. Singapore
Singapore is in the top five due to its thriving economy, but also its strong cultural interaction

It is worth noting that the city that offers the highest quality of life is Madrid and the greenest is Stockholm.

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