Shanghai: Entire neighborhoods move to quarantine centers for coronavirus – Asked to leave their closets open


Authorities in China appear to be implementing a new method in the context of “zero tolerance” for the coronavirus.

According to a BBC report, entire neighborhoods in Shanghai are being forced to relocate to quarantine facilities tens of kilometers away.

The BBC reported that residents of an area north of the city had received official notification from party officials about the quarantine move. They will stay there for at least a week. Young children, the elderly and people with disabilities can be excluded from the movement.

It is impressive that those who are negative for the coronavirus will be sent to this quarantine. It is not clear why only they will be sent – Officials are under a lot of pressure to reduce the risk of transmission and reduce cases to zero.

A similar incident took place a few days ago in another village, Beikai, from which at least 1,000 people were evacuated overnight to temporary accommodation to disinfect the area.

Residents were asked to gather their belongings, but to leave the closets open, as well as the front door of their house. The pets were left behind, with authorities saying they would take care of them.

This is a sample of the extreme measures that China is prepared to take to stop the spread of Covid in Shanghai, which has recorded about 400,000 cases during this epidemic. Most of the city’s 25 million population remains under severe lockdown now in its fourth week.


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