Russian attacks on 5 railway stations in Ukraine – The number of victims is unknown


Five railway stations in its western and central part Of Ukraine became the target of attacks todaywhich caused unknown number of victims, Ukrainian television broadcast, citing the head of the Ukrainian railways.

Alexander Kamishin said the attacks took place within an hour.

«Five train stations were bombed for over an hour this morning. 16+ passenger trains were delayed. Victims were reported, details will be given later. The Russians continue to destroy the Ukrainian railway infrastructure“, Underlined Kasimin.

At the same time, according to local authorities, Russia also shot down two Ukrainian drones near the border.

«Russian anti-aircraft defense shot down two Ukrainian drones today at 04:15 in the morning (local time and Greek time)In the Rilsk region, on the border with Ukraine, he told the Telegram the governor of Kursk province Romen Starovit.

«There are no casualties, injuries or property damage. The situation is under full control“, He added.

The announcement comes shortly after Russian authorities indicated that fire of unknown cause raging in a fuel depot in the neighboring province Bryanskabout 200 km north of Rilsk.

The fire broke out at around 02:00 today at dawn at the Transneft Briansk-Droujba fuel depot in the city of Bryansk, which is located 150 kilometers from the border with Ukraine and is used as a logistics base for the Moscow military operation, according to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Meanwhile, the governor of the eastern Luhansk region shared details this morning about the damage caused by the Russian bombing yesterday, Sunday, when they were celebrating Orthodox Easter.

As he mentioned in a post on Telegram, three high-rise buildings and four houses were destroyedalong with many vehicles.,

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