Daily Telegraph: Britain designs centers similar to Greece for asylum seekers


“Priti Patel (the British Minister of the Interior) is planning a Greek-style interception of immigrants, with new restrictions on asylum seekers, in the midst of the escalating European crisis.” This is emphasized, among other things, on the front page of an article in the Daily Telegraph, while promoting the work of Greek Minister Notis Mitarakis.

He even publishes a recent photo of Mr. Mitarakis with his British counterpart from her visit to Samos. According to the report, Ms. Patel said after this trip that she was impressed “by the way in which Greece digitized the asylum application process from beginning to end to monitor cases, speed up decisions and save millions from unnecessary bureaucracy “, as the Daily Telegraph typically writes.

According to the newspaper, the Minister of Interior plans to set up centers similar to those built by Greece for asylum seekers. There, as the Daily Telegraph writes, the movements of immigrants are constantly monitored and their free movement is prohibited in order to prevent their escape.

Citing a British government source, the paper notes that “any breach of the rules by them could deprive them of the right to apply for asylum”. At the same time, the same source emphasizes in the Daily Telegraph that “those who intend to apply should stay inside the centers. This is fair if you are provided with food and accommodation. “The Greeks have set specific timetables.”

It is worth noting, as the British newspaper writes, that on a recent trip to the US, Ms. Patel did not hesitate to welcome Greek immigration policy, saying that it is a “very different” approach from that of the EU. Patel at her hearing in the US the Greeks “did not decide to sit behind the bloc of EU powers”. At the same time, he launched an attack on the EU on the open borders, which he said triggered a “massive migration crisis” that has caused a record increase in illegal crossings of the English Channel.

The truth is that according to the British Statistics Service in 2021 alone more than 24,500 immigrants have arrived in the United Kingdom. This is almost three times the number of immigrants than in the whole of 2020, analysts note. At the same time, they emphasize that in November alone, more than 5,000 migrants entered the country, which, as they say, is the highest number of migrants in a month, “despite the colder weather and the most dangerous conditions at sea.”


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