Turkish media: “Mitsotakis meetings in the US show strength, show the weight of Greece”


Annoyance, but also concern, has caused the Turks the visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Greek ministers in the US, which is closely monitored as reported by Manolis Kostidis.

Images such as Joe Biden warm welcome, even his tie with the Greek flag, the whole presence of the prime minister and the government in general, have made an impression on Turkey.

It is indicative that the Turkish correspondent of Haber Turk was talking about a “show” of Greece and Mitsotakis in Washington, noting that he will speak in Congress, while he also referred to his speech. at Georgetown University. «The Mitsotakis meetings are a show of strength, and they show the weight of Greece in the USA “he stated characteristically.

At the same time, the neighbor is nervous that next year the Rafale program will be completed, in 2027 the Greek F-16 fighters will be modernized and the prime minister talks about the state-of-the-art F-35s from 2028. On the contrary, Turkey “runs and does not arrives “for its own F-16 and while it was a co-producer of F-35s for 15 years Was “thrown” out of the program by the Americans because of the S-400.

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