Family leave comes into focus in US Senate with Biden social plan

Family leave comes into focus in US Senate with Biden social plan

Shortly after US President Joe Biden’s social and environmental spending plan was passed by the US House of Representatives, fellow Democrats are pushing the bill through the Senate, where it could see major changes on issues like license fees. family in order to satisfy the centrists of the party.

The $1.75 trillion ($9.7 trillion) package, approved by the House on Friday (19) against a unified Republican opposition, includes four weeks of government-paid family leave for reasons such as the birth of a child or need to care for a sick relative. This is likely to become a point of conflict in the coming days.

The legislation, aimed at strengthening the US social safety net and combating climate change, is expected to win over moderates and liberal Democrats in the Senate, as Republicans continue to oppose. Democrats said they want a deal by the end of the year. Any changes in the Senate would need House approval again.

“There will be some changes,” Democratic Senator Jon Tester told NBC’s “Meet the Press” program, asking for a compromise. “Not all of us see the world in the same way.”

Biden said he hopes to sign the bill once it passes Congress, which is controlled by the Democrats, who hold a narrow majority. The package must secure support from the 48 Senate Democrats, with 100 seats, and two independents who agree with them, because no Republican will vote in favour.

Centrist Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, in particular, have raised concerns about its cost and scope.

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand mentioned differences with Manchin over paid family leave, but said she hopes they can reach an agreement in the next three weeks.


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