Left puts pressure to pay ‘teacher’s debt’, says Bolsonaro about court orders


President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) said this Monday (22) that the left is charging the “teacher’s money”, but he did not want to take over the precatório bill in previous governments.

Bolsonaro also stated that he will pay off part of these costs with the approval of the PEC (proposed amendment to the Constitution) of the Precatório, which defaults on federal debts recognized by the courts.

“Look what the left is doing. ‘Oh, he doesn’t want to pay the teacher’s debt from 20 years ago.’ It’s true that it’s the teacher’s money from 20 years ago. Why didn’t Lula pay it?”, the president said .

The statements were made to supporters in front of the Palácio da Alvorada and posted on a pocket page on YouTube. The PEC was approved in the Chamber and is under analysis by the Senate.

In the same conversation, Bolsonaro said he could pay “the teacher’s debt” if he pierced the ceiling. Afterwards, he stated that the government’s idea is to approve the PEC dos Precatórios.

The approval of the PEC is a priority of the Executive to guarantee the payment of Auxílio Brasil of R$ 400 from December until the end of 2022, the year in which Bolsonaro is expected to run for reelection. The text also makes room for other federal spending. Under the proposal, around R$90 billion should be released for expenses next year.

Government and Congress closed an agreement to split the payment of precatory education in three years in an attempt to unlock the proposal.​

The version of the PEC of Precatório approved by the Chamber and currently being processed in the Senate may affect the payment of debts of the Union with retirees and professors, among other groups harmed by the rule, as shown by the sheet.

“If they let the ceiling go through, we’ll pay. There’s no problem. What we’re doing: it passed the Chamber, it’s in the Senate. Debts of up to R$ 600,000, then the teacher includes, we’ll pay. Above. , we’re going to split it,” the president told supporters.


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