Mitsotakis to Tsipras: You are a liar and a former failed prime minister


Kyriakos Mitsortakis launched a fierce attack on Alexis Tsipras, during his trilogy in Parliament, noting that his government brought the memoranda and characterizing him as a “formerly failed prime minister”.

“When you talk about the memoranda, which you opposed, you remind me of the well-known story with the arsonist who shouts at the fire brigade. You put us in the memoranda, you destroyed the prospects of the economy for four years together with Mr. Varoufakis and all that you did in the first 6 months of 2015, with the proud negotiation that we remember so well. I personally understand for you and the SYRIZA executives who stayed in SYRIZA how painful the stocking of July 2015 was. This is your problem, the problem is that the country paid very dearly, and the banks and the middle class, the which you over-taxed to finance your unnecessary third memorandum. “This is to remind you every time you will tell us so loudly that you fought to get the country out of the memoranda in which you put it most deeply with your tragic choices,” said the Prime Minister.

Referring to the issue of parental benefits, he asked if it was 800,000 euros or up to 800,000. “How many parental benefits of 800,000 euros were made and how many parental benefits of 200,000, 250,000, 100,000 for movable value? Are they all 1% rich? ‘ he asked, adding: “When you come here and challenge an option that the majority of the middle class recognizes as a reassuring option, using your representative’s argument that it’s only 800,000 euros in parental benefits, you are just a liar, a liar. “And you will remain a liar when you distort a government choice in this way.”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted that the old jokes are not forgotten and that the opposition did not mature him politically. “And maybe in 2014 you had the enthusiasm of the new one who possibly hid any of your weaknesses, now you are a former failed prime minister, recorded in the conscience of the Greek people as a man who ruled for 4 years and lost three elections by 9 and 10 points. So a little more respect when we talk and make such political controversies. If you win an election again you will have the legitimacy to say that you were right. At the moment, you were not justified, you lost three times in a row “, the prime minister stressed.


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