Panel SA: Number of travelers on international flights jumps from 160 thousand to 1.15 million in the month


The international flight market, which faces a slower recovery from the shocks of the pandemic, recorded in April the highest number of travelers in international destinations since March 2020, according to new data from Anac.

The volume of passengers transported reached 1.15 million. In the same month of last year, just over 160,000 people traveled on aircraft to or from Brazil.

In terms of number of flights, Anac records 7,338 international departures. A similar level had already appeared in January (7,366) and March (7,379).

Also noteworthy in April was the aircraft occupancy rate, which was above 83%. It was the biggest of the year.

The foreign routes with the highest number of passengers in the month, all departing from Guarulhos, were to Buenos Aires, with 62,761 paid passengers transported, Miami (53,781) and Madrid (51,491).

It still does not rescue the pre-pandemic scenario, but it is an encouragement for the airline sector, which has been going through a phase of turmoil with high fuel prices, change in baggage policy and creation of a pollution tax for planes in the municipality of Guarulhos, among other difficulties arising from the pandemic.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Gilmara Santos

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