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Cashback services allow you to earn cash back; understand


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Part of the money spent on purchases can be recovered through cashback services. The term, in English, means cash back, and in many cases it works as a relationship of benefits between the consumer, cashback services and partner companies.

Crystal Frant, product manager at MyCashback, likens the system to a mall, where people enter to complete transactions at partner stores. The inclusion and dissemination by the cashback platform gives visibility to partners, which is paid in the form of a commission on intermediated sales.

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“It’s a lot of advertising practically for free, because it also has the appeal of cashback”, says Frant.

The money is returned from the commission paid by the partners, as Méliuz’s e-commerce coordinator, Renata Buldrini, explains. “Each sale we generate has a percentage of commission, and we return part of this commission to the user in the form of cashback.”

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Financial educator Cíntia Senna warns that, despite the offers being tempting, it is important not to act on impulse so that expenses do not end up generating losses.

“Many people end up spending more than they can afford, sometimes not being able to pay the card bill and being subject to interest and late fees.”

The specialist recommends understanding the family’s resources and expenses and, based on the amount available, setting limits for purchases in the period.

“The lack of knowledge and financial education to deal with expenses has led many people not to use this tool correctly in order to seek this benefit, causing it to produce more harm than good.”

Among the factors to consider, it is important to remember that there are deadlines for each platform to deposit cashback. In addition, some only allow redemption to a bank account after the accumulation of a certain amount or only allow the use of the value in specific establishments.

“I have to be aware of what I’m spending, how I’m spending it and what I’m going to concentrate on”, concludes Senna.

Discover cashback services

love Méliuz MyCashback
Number of partners offering cashback Uninformed

more than a thousand

Approximately 500

Conditions for withdrawing amount

Has no way; cashback can only be used at partner establishments

From BRL 20, transfers can be made to a checking account

From R$ 50 approved and accumulated, the withdrawal can be made via bank account, PayPal or Pix






Active since 2011, Méliuz has 23.6 million users and offers cashback in more than a thousand partner stores, including segments such as electronics, appliances, fashion and pharmacies.

How to register? To make the purchase with cashback, it is necessary to have a registration on the platform, which can be done at The service is completely free.

How to get cashback? Through the Méliuz app or website, the user can initiate cashback purchases at partner stores. There is also the possibility to activate cashback and use discount coupons directly on the partner site, using the browser extension.

How to get the money back? After payment, the store has a period to confirm the cashback, which can be tracked on Méliuz. From R$ 20 accumulated, it is possible to redeem the amount to the user’s account, being able to transfer it to the bank account through Pix or use it directly in the app.

Does the company offer other cashback services? Méliuz also offers a credit card with no annual fee, which offers up to 2% cashback on the invoice according to the amount spent. The service can also be added to that of Ame, a payment partner program.


An Israeli company present in Brazil since 2017, MyCashback has around 500 partner stores and more than 300,000 users.

How to register? Registration is free and can be done on the website, only with email and password.

How to get cashback? Through the MyCashback app or website, the user can initiate cash back purchases at partner stores. The program also has a browser extension, which alerts you when there is a partnership with the visited website, allowing you to activate cashback.

How to get the money back? The user needs to accumulate at least R$50 approved by partners and credited in cashback to allow withdrawal via bank account, PayPal or Pix.

Does the company offer other cashback services? No, but it is possible to use it in conjunction with discount coupons provided by the platform itself and also with Ame, a payment partner program.


Ame is the financial platform of Americanas SA. Created in 2018, it allows cashback to be used only at partner establishments, with the aim of building customer loyalty.

How to register? Registration can be done on the Ame Digital app, available on Google Play and the App Store.

How to get cashback? To use the service, Ame must be used as a means of payment for purchases from partners and products with a cashback offer.

How to get the money back? Ame does not allow cashback withdrawal or transfer. Thus, the balance can be used in physical stores of Americanas SA, websites and apps of the brands Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime, Soub!, Postos Petrobras and other partners in the physical and digital world, but cannot be recovered to a bank account.

Does the company offer other cashback services? Among its services, Ame also offers a gold Mastercard credit card, subject to approval, with free annual fees and cashback on certain Americanas SA offers.​

Digital banks also offer cashback purchases

The cashback service is also offered by digital banks, on marketplaces (platforms that bring together several stores in the same environment) and credit cards.

Inter Bank

Banco Inter offers cashback on credit cards and at the Inter Shop, a kind of virtual mall with access to 827 partner establishments. Purchases can be made entirely in this ecosystem, resulting in an immediate cashback deposit into the account, or on the partners’ website, with a return between 45 and 60 days after purchase. The money is credited directly to the account and can be used by the customer as he wishes.

On the credit card, cashback is applied to the invoice amount and depends on the card model. According to Gouveia, the only prerequisite is to have the invoice in automatic debit, and a percentage of the amount spent on the card is then credited back to the account within 6 days.

In addition, Inter also allows the use of the cashback platform for non-account holders. When making a purchase through Inter Shop, it is possible to receive 70% of the cashback percentage indicated for the store, which will be credited to the current account informed between 45 and 120 days after the purchase.

Next Bank

Banco Next offers cashback on purchases made at the NextShop, available to customers. All purchases are made within the app, where there are 60 partner stores. The cashback percentage varies according to seasonal dates, campaigns, products and partners, and the amount is deposited into an account seven days after the account is approved.

Original Bank

Banco Original offers cashback on purchases made with more than 230 partners through the Original Store, available to customers. After the purchase, the customer receives points, which can be converted into cash in the account or discount on the invoice.

In addition, it has a credit card that allows the return of percentages that vary according to the card model, generating points that can also be converted or redeemed as cash by the application. The international card has zero annual fee.


Nubank offers cashback on purchases made using the Ultravioleta card since July 2021. In every transaction, the customer immediately receives 1% of the amount, which is subject to 200% of the CDI rate. The money can also be converted into miles in the Smiles program.

The card’s monthly fee, of R$49, is eliminated if the customer spends R$5,000 a month or has a minimum of R$150,000 saved or invested.

Other services

At C6Bank, it is also possible to receive points for purchases, which can be converted into cashback considering different parameters. More information can be found on the Atoms Program website, its points program.

PicPay, a payment app, offers cashback sporadically. According to a note released by the company, the service aims to generate engagement so that users get to know the platform. Campaigns can include cash back on bill and boleto payments and specific purchases, but cashback can only be used within the app. More information is available at

Privacy must also be considered

Rodrigo Gouveia, CEO of Inter Shop, says that its marketplace benefits from starting within a bank, with data obtained with user authorization and analyzed to propose the best offer. “The knowledge we have of the customer, of data, of what he buys, how much he spends, average ticket, if he has financing, is much greater”, he says. Gouveia also says that the data is not shared with other platforms.

Despite the positive side, data sharing is also cause for caution on the part of the user. Christian Perrone, coordinator of the Law and GovTech areas at the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS Rio), recommends that, if possible, users only participate in programs in which they have greater knowledge and confidence.

“The amount of information and complex algorithms that deal with this information allow us to infer a series of things that people are not aware of”, says The expert highlights that this is not the case for all platforms, but that there is a risk of sharing data with companies, especially in the long term: “Sometimes the gain you will have with cashback is not necessarily compatible with the risk you are taking in the near future.

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