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Panel SA: Government allows construction of US$ 80 million terminal in Cumbica only for VIPs


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The Guarulhos airport concessionaire received authorization from the government to sign a contract for the construction of another terminal in Cumbica, to be used by high-income customers.

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Called the VIP Terminal, the project foresees investments of US$ 80 million (R$ 408.9 million) in an area of ​​5,000 square meters and 4,000 of built area, according to Ronei Glanzmann, national secretary of Civil Aviation.

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He claims that it is an Arab group with Canadian partners, operated by Jetex, one of the largest in the sector. It won’t just be a VIP room. It will be an entire VIP terminal, focusing only on passengers who have their own planes or travel in first class, in some cases in business class.

The land is close to the maintenance hangars of Latam and American Airlines in Guarulhos.

The service picks up the client at home or at the hotel in a luxury vehicle with private security and takes him to the terminal, where, in addition to a private space separate from the conventional VIP lounges, the entire immigration system with the IRS and the Federal Police, that is, the passenger does not come into contact with the economy class public during his/her journey through the airport. Afterwards, he is taken by car to the aircraft door. The structure to serve you on site, with bathroom, meeting and rest rooms, also has an above-average standard of luxury.

“When a big businessman arrives, he goes to a terminal like this. He is able to pay, it is price inelastic. And there is no terminal of this nature in Latin America”, says Glanzmann.

According to the secretary, Guarulhos also disputed the investment with Mexico City.

Glanzmann states that it was only possible to attract the project of the enterprise because the commercial contract that involves the assignment of space in the airport complex will have a term longer than the period of validity of the concession.

“Guarulhos only has ten more years of concession. It is for 20 years and ten have already passed. It does not give economic viability for such a project. We have an ordinance that regulates contracts that go beyond the terms of the concession. 40 years old”, he says.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Gilmara Santos

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