Kikilias: 90% fullness of accommodation in Nafpaktos

Kikilias: 90% fullness of accommodation in Nafpaktos

Mr. Kikilias said that this year the accommodation in the area reaches fullness of 90% – with the result that Nafpaktos is placed on the strategic map of tourist development of the country.

According to the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, who visited the area today, accompanied by the Governor of Western Greece Nectarios Farmakis and the New Democracy MP Spilios Libanos, the occupancy rates in Nafpaktos reach 90% this year.

After a meeting held at the City Hall of Nafpaktos with the participation of the Mayor Vassilis Gizas, the President of the Aetolian Development George Kotronis and representatives of the hoteliers, Mr. Kikilias expressed his satisfaction for the high occupancy of the area this year. of 90% – with the result that Nafpaktos is placed on the strategic map of tourist development of the country. Immediately after, he held a meeting with representatives of the Federation of Craftsmen and Merchants.

In his statements, the Minister of Tourism underlined the comparative advantages that Nafpaktos has in terms of tourism, as it is close to Athens, at airports and next to the Rio-Antirio bridge, has great potential due to climbing sports tourism and has unique quality products ( honey, beer etc.) and delicacies.


“It is crucial and strategic the point where Nafpaktos is placed on the map, I recommend to all Greeks who want to take a vacation this year to visit it because they will have a great time. I can not think of a single reason that someone, either for a long weekend or for his vacation, would not come here “said V. Kikilias, noting at the same time the very strong investment interest that exists for the wider area, something in which The Ministry of Tourism can intervene, with resources from the National Fund for Recovery and Resilience (RRF) and the new NSRF.

The Minister of Tourism also visited breweries and honey companies in the region and stressed that agritourism can play a key role in the national economy and local communities, in maintaining the traditional way of life, in strengthening the primary sector and in creating new, well paid jobs that will make young people want to stay and create in their place.

“We strengthen agritourism based on the principles of sustainable development, strengthen the Greek tourism brand and highlight the unique identity of Greek products,” said Mr. Kikilias.

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