Ceiling on boarding fees rises 13% at Guarulhos and Viracopos airports


The tariffs at the airports of Guarulhos and Viracopos, in Campinas (SP), will be readjusted as provided for in the contracts as a monetary adjustment mechanism. The objective is to preserve the economic-financial balance established in the concession contracts.

Ordinances No. 8,530 and No. 8,531 that readjust the tariff ceilings were published this Monday (11) in the Federal Official Gazette (DOU). The new values ​​can only be practiced 30 days after the disclosure by the concessionaires.

The ceilings for boarding and connecting passengers and for landing and permanence of aircraft were readjusted by 13.36% for Guarulhos airport and 13.17% for Viracopos. The ceilings for storage and cargo handling fees at both airports were readjusted by 11.89%.

The adjustments were applied to the ceilings established by ordinances No. 5,393 and 5,394, both of July 8, 2021, considering the accumulated inflation between June 2021 and June 2022, measured by the variation of the IPCA (Extended Consumer Price Index), of the IBGE, observed in the period.

The maximum domestic boarding fare paid by passengers will increase from R$35.52 to R$40.26 at Guarulhos airport, and from R$33.65 to R$38.09 at Viracopos.

The maximum international boarding fee will increase from R$62.86 to R$71.26 at Guarulhos airport and from R$59.55 to R$67.39 at Viracopos airport.

Airport fees are amounts paid to the concessionaire by the airlines, the aircraft operator or the passenger. The values ​​correspond to the procedures for boarding, connection, landing, permanence, storage and foremanship inside the airports. The boarding fee is the only one paid by the passenger and is intended to remunerate the provision of services, facilities and facilities made available by the concessionaire to passengers.

With information from Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency)

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