Revenue paid on this third residual batch of Income Tax 2021


The Internal Revenue Service paid, this Tuesday (30), the refunds of the residual lot of IRPF (Income Tax for Individuals). Taxpayers who fell into the fine mesh but settled accounts with the tax authorities in 2021 or in previous years are included. In all, 260,412 people will receive a total of R$ 450 million.

199,668 non-priority taxpayers were included who delivered their declaration by November 9, 2021. Of the total released by the Revenue, BRL 179 million will be deposited to 60,744 taxpayers with legal priority, that is, seniors over 60 years old, people with physical or mental disability or with serious illness and workers whose main source of income is teaching.

A total of 869,302 taxpayers fell into the fine mesh of IR 2021, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Among the pending returns, 666,647 were entitled to a refund (76.7% of the total), 181,992 had tax to pay (20.9%) and 20,663 had a zero balance (2.4%).

To find out if you will receive the refund, the citizen must access the Internal Revenue Service page on the internet by clicking here. Then select the option “My Income Tax” and then “See Refund”. On the following page, the option for simplified or complete consultation of the status of the declaration in the DIRPF Processing Extract will appear.

If any pending issues are identified, the taxpayer can rectify the declaration, correcting or adding information. If the details are not correct, the person will not receive a refund this year.

The refund payment is made directly to the bank account informed in the income tax return. If, for some reason, the credit is not made — the account has been deactivated, for example — the amounts will be available for redemption for up to one year by Branco do Brasil, through the BB Portal or through the BB Relationship Center.

If the person does not redeem the amount within one year, he must complete an electronic form called Refund Payment Request through the website or directly at the e-CAC, in the DIRPF Processing Statement.


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