Panel SA: Justiça do Trabalho received 1.5 million new lawsuits in the first half


The Labor Court received more than 1.5 million new labor lawsuits between January and June this year.

Data updated until this Sunday (31) by the Coordination of Statistics and Research of the TST (Superior Labor Court) show that the total number of labor lawsuits judged by the courts and courts was slightly below, with 1.49 million cases analyzed.

The TST balance considers all 24 regional labor courts spread across Brazil. In 2021, in the accumulated of 12 months, the courts and courts of first instance judged almost 2.82 million labor lawsuits, and received about 2.88 million cases received.

According to the TST, the most recurrent issue in labor lawsuits is still the payment of a 40% FGTS fine (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço). Problems with this deposit led, until June this year, to 220,000 cases in the labor court.

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