Panel SA: Lack of Santa Claus candidates threatens Christmas in the US


The pandemic has reduced the supply of candidates for Santa Claus in the United States. According to Hire Santa, a company specialized in hiring actors to play the role in Christmas events and shopping malls, there was an 18% drop in the offer of professionals this year.

Many professionals who worked on other Christmases have died in recent months and many survivors fear the risk of becoming infected, due to excess weight and old age. According to Hire Santa, the search for candidates for the role has increased 121% this year.

On its website, Hire Santa informs that, in December, it will only have professionals available from Monday to Thursday. The fee charged for visiting a Santa Claus from the company, including insurance, is US$345 per hour (about R$1,942.35) until Christmas Eve, when the price rises to US$395 (R$2223, 85), for half an hour of visit.

Ricardo Balthazar (interim), Andressa Motter e Ana Paula Branco


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