Opinion – Maria Inês Dolci: How to celebrate Christmas and New Year without getting into debt


New year, new budget.

It’s nothing festive or poetic to talk about this around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but with the projection of another year with high inflation and low economy, the accounts have to close. Even with the Over-indebtedness Law, not owing is always the best way out.

There are some maxims that, if adopted on a day-to-day basis, could push the red away from the current account.

  • Credit is not income – the entire loan will have to be repaid someday, usually with correction and interest;
  • Impulse buying can take a few minutes but jeopardize months or years of household income;
  • We would like to have many possessions in life, but there will not always be money to buy them;
  • In times of economic and political uncertainties, redoubling caution can avoid serious financial problems;
  • Income for consumption is what is left over after the so-called mandatory expenses – such as rent, real estate, condominium, electricity, gas, water, transport, food and taxes;
  • There are unforeseen expenses for which we must have some reserve (medicines, for example);
  • Revolving credit card must not be used under any circumstances, as its fees are absurd;
  • Those who lend money without requiring collateral charge rates much higher than the market average;
  • Comparative price research must precede all purchases;
  • There is no interest-free or zero-rate credit;
  • Gift and Christmas dinner are beautiful traditions, but the best of these occasions is being with family and friends.

Finally, some tips for celebrating and not defaulting:

  • Make a collaborative supper, with food and drinks under the responsibility of the party participants;
  • Organize secret (hidden) friend to exchange gifts;
  • Ask participants to indicate their interests (books, shoes, clothes, games, toys, etc.), and set minimum and maximum values ​​for the gift;
  • It is possible to have a fun and less expensive party;
  • Cooking at home is usually cheaper, but for a few people it may be worth ordering supper at a local bakery or supermarket;
  • Search for products at wholesalers, which tend to have more affordable prices.


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