Kader is moved: “I fought for the word Freedom and I defended it all my life”

Kader is moved: “I fought for the word Freedom and I defended it all my life”

At noon on Tuesday (30/11), the A Cader Freedom became official citizen of the United States of America, while changing his surname.

The Turkish center of the Boston Celtics spoke about importance who has the fact that he was sworn in as a US citizen, saying that he was dreaming right now from the first moment he set foot in the country.

“It simply came to our notice then. A dream come true. Since I got my green card when I was at the Thunder, the last six years have been difficult. It was very harsh because the Turkish government put my name on the Interpol list and revoked my passport.

So it was hard but it finally happened. I have been waiting for this moment since the day I set foot in America. “Definitely one of the most unforgettable, perhaps the most unforgettable moment I had in my life”, the 29-year-old center initially stated.

He then talked about his choice to add the word to his name as an adjective Freedom, a word which He “adorned” his shirt for some games in the Orlando bubble in the 2019-20 season, when the NBA had allowed players to replace their names with social messages, on the occasion of the movement «Black Lives Matter».

“In America, obviously, people are very blessed to be in this situation. They have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of the press.

I wanted to make this word part of myself, because for this word I fought for my whole life and this was the word I tried to defend for my whole life. “The more research I do, the more I see human rights violations happening not only in Turkey, but around the world.”

Finally, he wanted to thank the Boston Celtics for supporting his decision and standing by him: “One thing I want to give a huge boost to is my teammates. They supported me and it is as if they were my family with their support. I have so much hope and motivation to fight and fight for what is right. The Celtics were also very supportive. “

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