Bolsonaro marks virtual participation in event in SP on pro-democracy letter day

Bolsonaro marks virtual participation in event in SP on pro-democracy letter day

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is due to participate, by videoconference, in an event in São Paulo on Thursday (11), the same day that the city will be the stage for the launch of the letter in defense of the democratic rule of law.

The manifesto was organized by civil society and already has almost 822 thousand adhesions. Among the signatories are bankers Roberto Setubal and Pedro Moreira Salles, co-chairs of the board of directors of Itaú Unibanco, among other businessmen.

The text will be launched at USP (University of São Paulo) on the same day as the event “Seminar 5G.BR”, by the Ministry of Communications, in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood.

The forecast so far is that the president will participate in the closing, at 17:00. His name is on the event invite.

Allies of the president wanted him to participate in an agenda considered positive, on the day he will be the target of an act that is critical of him.

Bolsonaro is expected to spend Thursday in Brasilia, according to allies.

The president even scheduled a trip to São Paulo on the date, but later retreated, following advice from his surroundings, especially from the campaign, concerned with the erosion of the president’s image.

He would participate in a sabbath at Fiesp (Federação das Industrias de São Paulo) and in a dinner with a group of businessmen, organized by the Esfera group.

The events were scheduled after the announcement of the launch of the manifesto, called by Bolsonaro a “letter”.

At Fiesp, the president would be invited to sign the manifesto in defense of democracy headed by the institution, as other presidential candidates have done.

The president, however, had already signaled to members of his team that the text had political connotations and that he did not intend to sign it. Refusing the event would do more harm to the president.

The surroundings of the Chief Executive are still evaluating the possibility of rescheduling the two events.

as showed the Sheetthe assessment of allies when advocating that Bolsonaro suspend the agendas was that the meetings would generate even more wear – it could seem like a competition with the event scheduled at USP, and the president would hardly win, they said.

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