‘The sky is the limit’, says owner of beverage distributor Caixaça Econômica

‘The sky is the limit’, says owner of beverage distributor Caixaça Econômica

Beverage distributor Caixaça Econômica has gained attention on social media in recent weeks. Opened less than a month ago, the store incorporates the colors, typography and even the well-known “X” of Caixa Econômica Federal. ​The slogan says: “Come to Caixaça you too”.

But the bank did not like the joke, asked for the references to the brand to be removed and the owner had to change the name of the store, located in the city of Cariacica (ES).

Owner Adilson Ramos, 28, says the idea now is to take advantage of the success on the internet to continue growing. “For an entrepreneur, the sky is the limit,” he says.

After Caixa’s request, the distributor will be called Cachaça Econômica and will no longer have visual references to the bank. According to Adilson, the new logo is ready and will be installed in the next few days. In partnership with his father, he also created an alcoholic beverage with the same name.

Before and after the distributor “Caixaça Econômica”, which is now called “Cachaça Econômica”

Image shows the writing Cachaça Econômica written in white, on a blue background

Beverage distributor facade before moving and new soon to be installed

Graduated in business administration, he has two bars in the city, called Bar do Bill, which he runs with his wife Francini Moreira (28).

The couple tried to diversify the business with a housewares store in the place where the distributor now works, but it didn’t work out. “Let’s turn that into a distributor, which is what we know how to do, but let’s think of a different name,” he told his wife.

That’s how he says the name came about that went viral on the internet. In a conversation with Francini, before bed, he suggested calling the distributor “Caixaça”, and she completed it with “Ecoómica”. He said that he already knew that the name would be successful in the neighborhood of Nova Rosa da Penha.

On the 27th, three days after the opening, a tourist passed in front of the distributor, found it funny and published a video on TikTok, which already has more than 2.6 million views and almost 40,000 shares.

The joy didn’t last long. About a week after the opening of the distributor, the manager of the nearest Caixa branch visited Adilson and informed that references to the financial institution would need to be removed and that the businessman could be prosecuted.

On the last 10th, he was officially notified by the bank, with a period of five days to make the changes.

As soon as he talked to the manager, Adilson recorded a video for social networks in which he asked for suggestions for other names — the publication had more than 6,000 comments.

THE Sheet, Caixa informed that “it has already sent a notification for the immediate withdrawal of the bank’s brands from any advertising, promotional action, facade or visual reference on the internet”. The institution informed that Caixa is the exclusive holder of the rights of institutional brands and that improper use constitutes a crime against intellectual property.

Adilson said that the conversation with the manager was friendly and he was not hurt by the bank’s request: “it’s part of the game”. However, he believes that the success on the internet has also been positive for the financial institution.

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