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Panel SA: Technology companies see fake news bill far from consensus


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Large technology companies affected by the bill that seeks to combat misinformation on the internet, under discussion in the Chamber of Deputies, see with skepticism the chances of the initiative in the short term.

Executives from these companies say they doubt the viability of several proposals by the working group that discusses the issue, consider some of the obligations created by the project to be excessive and believe that the main political forces are far from the necessary consensus for its approval.

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On Wednesday (1), the working group of the Chamber approved a new version of the bill presented by Deputy Orlando Silva (PC do B-SP), rapporteur of the original proposal approved by the Senate last year. He must go to the plenary and then have to be submitted to the Senate review again.

The project creates several obligations to make policies for removing content that violates the terms of use of social networks and for handling user data more transparent. For companies, the proposal is very detailed and can expose information of commercial interest.

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Search engines like Google, which were not affected by the Senate bill, gained their own chapter in the new version of the bill, with similar obligations. A third chapter regulates instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and seeks to restrict their use for mass communication.

There is also concern in companies with the chapter dealing with accounts of public agents in the networks. One of the bill’s articles establishes that lawsuits against the removal of content from these agents must be treated differently in the Judiciary, which is faster.

with Ricardo Balthazar (interim), Andressa Motter e Ana Paula Branco


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