Panel SA: Consulting makes booklet on diversity in elections


Diversity consultancy Gestão Kairós, which has clients such as Coca-Cola and Senac, launches this week a booklet on inclusion and diversity in voting for this year’s elections.

The material proposes that voters reflect on the presence of women, indigenous peoples, blacks, LGBT+ and people with disabilities among the candidates they will choose for the first round.

The texts include information on the statistics of the Brazilian population, the positions in dispute this year and their functions.

In addition to the booklet, the company created a social media campaign to encourage the use of diversity criteria in voting.

“I tell people that if, among all the candidates they are going to vote for, all are white men, what does that say about society? This is a language that works”, says Liliane Rocha, founder and CEO of Gestão Kairós .

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