Caixa Econômica releases BRL 5.7 billion for new phase of Pronampe


Caixa Econômica Federal reported this Tuesday (23) that it has already released R$ 5.7 billion through Pronampe (National Program to Support Micro and Small Businesses).

The program is aimed at companies with annual gross revenue from R$81,000 to R$4.8 million. The total term of the operation is 48 months, of which 11 are grace periods and 37 are amortization installments. The interest rate is the Selic rate plus 6% per year.

The maximum value of the operation is R$ 150 thousand per company and the funds can be used for investments and working capital.

The new phase of contracting credit by Pronampe began at the end of July and is expected to lend R$ 50 billion to small businesses.

Financing can be made by participating financial institutions until December 31, 2024. To apply for credit, each company must authorize the sharing of billing data from the Federal Revenue Service with the bank where Pronampe will be contracted.

Data authorization must be done through the e-CAC portal (Virtual Service Center), and it is necessary to have a digital certificate or a silver or gold digital identity from the platform.


Pronampe 2022 relaxed some rules for contracting credit. Now companies awarded loans can fire employees – which was vetoed in previous phases of the program.

Now, it dispenses with the requirement of proof such as the payment of the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) and Rais (Annual Social Information Report), among others. Even with this flexibility, it is still mandatory to present the company’s Tax Regularity Certificate.

Who can apply for the loan?

  • MEIs (Individual Microentrepreneurs);
  • Micro-enterprises with revenues of up to R$ 360 thousand per year;
  • Small companies with annual revenues of R$ 360 thousand to R$ 4.8 million;
  • Medium-sized companies with revenues of up to R$ 300 million.


  • Total term for payment will be 48 months, including 11 months grace period to start payment and 37 months for loan repayment.
  • The company can borrow up to 30% of its annual gross income. This calculation will be based on the 12 months prior to contracting the loan.
  • For companies with less than a year of operation, the loan limit will be up to 50% of the capital stock or up to 30% of 12 times the average of their monthly gross revenue calculated since the beginning of activities, depending on whichever is longer. advantageous.


  • Amazon Bank;
  • Bank of Brazil;
  • Bank of the State of Sergipe (Banese);
  • Banco Cooperativo do Brasil (Bancoob);
  • Espírito Santo State Bank (Banestes);
  • Bank of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Banrisul);
  • Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG);
  • Banco do Nordeste (BNB);
  • Federal Savings Bank;
  • Cooperative Credit System (Sicred).

Source: ABDE


According to the Federal Revenue Service, in order to have the request approved, companies need to authorize the sharing of data with financial institutions.

Authorization must be carried out through the e-CAC (Virtual Service Center) portal, available on the Federal Revenue website. On the platform, you must choose the option “Authorize Data Sharing”, in the “Others” services tab, through authentication with a digital certificate or with a silver or pure digital identity, from the platform.

How to approve data sharing

  1. Access the Federal Revenue e-CAC portal;
  2. With the CPF of the company representative, access your account;
  3. Click the “Pronampe” button and then “Authorize Data Sharing”;
  4. On the page you will be directed to, select the option to share “Company Billing Information” and click next;
  5. Select the authorization term, that is, the time for which the information will be available;
  6. Fill in the name or CNPJ of the company for which you want to grant authorization. Only the person associated with the company can register data authorization.
  7. Select the financial institution of interest.

The company representative will receive a code that will be sent by SMS or the application. You will need to enter it in the e-CAC portal for the share approval to be completed.

Banks will have access to the following data:

  • Framing as a micro-enterprise or small business;
  • Start date of activities;
  • Value of share capital;
  • Date of exclusion from Simples Nacional or non-compliance with Simei (Monthly Fixed Amounts Collection System for Taxes covered by Simples Nacional), if applicable;
  • Reported gross revenue.

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