A mother of two children died while waiting three hours for a phone call to speak to a doctor.


A mother of two children died while waiting three hours for a phone call to speak to a doctor.

Helena Maffei died suddenly on September 23 last year (Image: Maffei Family/BPM Media)

A mother of two “good and healthy” children suffered a seizure and died while waiting three hours to speak to a doctor, according to an investigation.

Helena Maffei, 55, of Kidderminster, who had fallen ill the day before, talked her family out of calling 911, saying she would call a doctor in the morning.

The court said he called Church Street Surgery at 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 23 last year and waited in line for more than 30 minutes until his battery died.

Maffei called, waited a little over an hour, and was told a doctor would call in 90 minutes.

His treating physician, Dr. Katim Niwa, called at the appointed time, but by then his patient’s condition was critical.

Ms. Maffei’s son, Giuseppe, 28, called 999 when his mother began having a seizure in front of him, but paramedics were unable to save her and she died at home, he said.

Post-mortem examination, including examination by brain and heart specialists, was unable to determine cause of death.

But Maffei’s family told the inquest that his condition deteriorated rapidly two weeks before his death when he started taking an antidepressant called sertraline for panic attacks.

Mysteries surround fit and health?  The mother of two was heartbroken on the phone with the doctor.  Helena Maffei, 55, waited three hours to speak to her doctor on September 23 last year.  they told the court.Caption: Helena Maffei (left), 55, of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, died on 23 September 2021, pictured with her husband Tony

Mrs. Maffei and her husband Tony (Image: The Maffei Family/BPM Media)

Sertraline belongs to a family of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which increase serotonin levels in the brain and contribute to human well-being.

Husband Tony said: He was fit and healthy, walking every day and working in a bakery from 8am to 8pm.

I didn’t smoke or drink, I wasn’t overweight, and I had a very good diet. After taking these pills for two weeks, she became very weak, weak and weak.

“The side effects of the pills were all the symptoms that Helena experienced in the last days of her life.”

According to the investigation, he was becoming increasingly weak and had experienced palpitations, shortness of breath, confusion, sweating, tremors, vomiting and diarrhea for two weeks.

Pathologist Dr. Sarah Littleford said in court: Sertraline may be associated with seizures in patients with serotonin syndrome.

According to him, this is a recognized medication side effect that usually occurs within the first few hours or days of using medications that affect serotonin.

Symptoms range from mild to life-threatening and include many of the same symptoms Maffei experienced. For example, fast and irregular heartbeat or seizures.

Sertraline is also known to increase the risk of sudden death by speeding up or altering the heart rate in people who are prone to heart problems or who have sudden adult death syndrome (SADS).

“In this case, we cannot rule out the possibility that sertraline caused serotonin syndrome and death,” said Dr. Littleford.

“We cannot rule out the possibility that Ms. Maffei had SADS that may or may not have been exacerbated by sertraline.”

Mysteries surround fit and health?  The mother of two was heartbroken on the phone with the doctor.  Helena Maffei, 55, waited three hours to speak to her doctor on September 23 last year.  they told the court. Caption: Helena Maffei (left), Kidderminster, Worcestershire, died 23 September 2021, aged 55

Maffei waited three hours to speak to a doctor (Image: Maffei Family/BPM Media)

“I wouldn’t have done it any other way,” Niwa said in court, adding that he had a good relationship with Maffei since 2010.

Doctors said they were following NICE guidelines in prescribing 50mg sertraline because the mother was overwhelmed with anxiety and frustrated.

Church Street Surgery on Callows Lane conducted an investigation and determined that the cause of death was not due to inadequate medical services.

When Maffei got to the call handlers, it turned out they were professionals and the GP was on the phone within the expected time of about 90 minutes.

But chief surgeons admit there is a growing demand for GPs with longer talk times.

Subsequently, changes were made to the phone system to reduce patient waiting times.

Surgery added that Maffei did not mention the overnight collapse when he scheduled a phone call with his doctor that day.

Coroner’s Assistant Sarah Murphy recorded a public inquiry and said no access to basic medical care or surgical intervention was found.

He added that there are extensive measures in place to avoid long wait times for phone calls during surgery.

Mr Murphy said: It is possible, but it is possible that it is not running. ”

A mystery surrounds the death of a

Maffei with his son Giuseppe and daughter Gaetana (Image: Maffei Family/BPM Media)

Ms Maffei’s daughter, Gaetana, 31, said: “My mother was very disciplined, so his death was a big shock. He was in his own world.”

“She was not like my mother. She said that she didn’t feel well and that she didn’t want to do anything.

After Maffei’s death, Church Street Surgery’s procedures were reviewed and investigated by the Wire Forest Health Partnership, which operates the clinic along with four other clinics in the area.

The focus was on the call handling system and changes were made to improve call latency.

Changes include the deployment of more staff to accommodate busier call times, more training to better use the phone system to make short calls to patients, and the introduction of special software.

Claire Nock, executive director of the Wyre Forest Health Partnership, said: [the call] It’s been a long time, but this is the time of conversation that we are experiencing right now.

“Last September, we were halfway through the pandemic, people started contacting us again, and the demand was substantial.

Knock said call wait times dropped after Maffei’s death but started to rise again, adding: Patient demand remains high.

At the beginning of the recorded message, dial 999 for emergencies.

“We perfectly understand that it is very difficult for people and families to know what an emergency is, but that is why we try to make it public.

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