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Panel SA: After Bolsonaro’s sanction at the end of the list, ANS criticizes measure


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After Bolsonaro sanctioned the bill that obliges health plans to pay for treatments that are not on the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) basic reference list, the regulatory body released a statement criticizing the measure.

The agency, which had been asking the president for a veto, reiterated that the case raises concerns about the safety of users. According to the ANS, the coverage of procedures that have not passed through its analysis can put patients at risk.

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“It constitutes a risk to patients, as it fails to take into account several criteria evaluated during the process of incorporating health technologies, such as: safety, efficacy, accuracy, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and budgetary impact”, says the ANS in a note.

Supplementary health companies also released their criticisms after Bolsonaro’s sanction. The change drops like a bomb in the industry, which says it predicts a collapse in business and rising costs for the end consumer.

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In a note, FenaSaúde (National Federation of Supplementary Health) says that the measure “hampers the adequate pricing of plans and compromises the predictability of care expenses, which may lead to high monthly fees and mass expulsion of beneficiaries of supplementary health”.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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