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Appodixi: “Rain” the… downloads for the new application – Already 2,000 complaints to AADE


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Up to 2,000 euros or ten times the value of the receipt the bonus for those who contribute in this way to the disclosure of tax evasion

More than 20,000 taxpayers have downloaded the appodixi app on their mobile phones for scanning the authenticity of receipts and have subsequently made 2,000 named and anonymous complaints to AADE.

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The financial staff promotes incentives for the disclosure of fake receipts with a reward of up to 2,000 euros or ten times the value of the receipt to those who contribute in this way to the disclosure of tax evasion.

Please note that the application is available from Wednesday.

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See relevant instruction video from AADE:

How does it work

With a few, simple steps, citizens now have the possibility to check on their mobile phone whether the receipt they received for the purchase of a product or service is genuine and whether the details of the transaction have been correctly transmitted to AADE.

In the event that the application detects a problem, the Tax Authority is automatically notified, so that it can take legal action to confirm the violation and charge a fine.


In fact, the Ministry of Finance and AADE are working on the possibility of providing an incentive for citizens to use the application, in the form of returning to the complainant part of the fine that will be imposed on the business or professional for the illegal receipt they “scanned” through Appodixi.

Thus, part of the additional tax revenue that will be generated by the use of the application will be returned directly to the citizen who contributed to generate this revenue.”

The 4 axes for an efficient and fair tax system

The Minister of Finance specifically stated that “the government of New Democracy, from the beginning of its term, set as one of its strategic goals, in the field of the economy, the formation of a stable, economically efficient and socially fair tax system”.

The objective, which he said, is based on 4 main policy axes to encourage employment, attract investment and strengthen the payment culture, given that taxation – beyond its obvious function to ensure revenue – is a useful lever for achieving development goals:

1st axis: Reductions in taxes and insurance contributions.

In the past three years, we have implemented dozens of permanent tax reductions (e.g. reduction of ENFIA, reduction of the import tax rate for natural persons, reduction of the corporate tax rate, reduction of the withholding tax rate for dividends, reduction of advance tax, low tax rate for all agricultural schemes, abolition of the special solidarity levy for income from salaried work in the private sector – a measure which, as the Prime Minister has announced, becomes permanent from 2023 and extends to civil servants and pensioners, covering all taxpayers).

2nd axis: Establishment of tax incentives.

Among other things, we reduced the tax rate for start-ups for the first 3 years of their operation, established a discount for expenses related to receiving services for energy, functional and aesthetic upgrading of buildings, suspended VAT on new buildings and real estate capital gains tax for 3 years , formation of a special regime of alternative taxation of income arising abroad for investors, pensioners, Greeks who left during the crisis years, establishment of tax incentives for business development, through partnerships and corporate transformations.

In addition, in this context, we granted incentives to enhance electronic transactions.

Incentives which proved to be particularly effective, as, due to them, electronic transactions reached 53 billion euros in 2021, increased by 13 billion euros compared to 2019, and this year they are expected to exceed 60 billion euros.

3rd axis: Formation of a legislative framework to limit smuggling (upgrading the Coordinating Operations Center to limit the smuggling of excise goods, establishment of electronic systems for monitoring the supply chain of alcoholic beverages, creation of a new electronic register for the inventory of storage and handling tanks fuel etc.).

4th axis: Inclusion of projects in the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Projects such as the simplification of the administrative procedures for VAT refunds for businesses, the upgrading of the use of AADE’s internal data, the promotion of the digital transformation of tax audits, the introduction of new tools aimed at improving the collection of public revenue, increasing efficiency of tax controls and the restriction of smuggling.

He also emphasized that “the establishment of incentives to increase electronic transactions, the promotion of the digital transformation of tax audits and the digitization of the tax process, through the use of electronic invoicing and electronic books, constitute a dynamic tripartite of interventions, which contributes decisively to the expansion of tax base, the prevention and prevention of tax evasion and tax evasion phenomena and, finally, in the creation of fiscal space, in order to return it to society.

Precious space – especially in the fluctuating period of increased support needs for households and businesses, due to the successive, overlapping, exogenous crises we are experiencing”.

And he concluded “applications such as myDATA, which introduced e-books into the daily life of businesses, in combination with timologio, the application for the digital edition of business documents and their simultaneous transmission to myDATA, are now pillars of transaction monitoring from the Tax Authority in real time.

Pillars with a significant response from society, as evidenced by the AADE statistics, as, to date, more than 1.2 billion document transfers have been carried out, with a total value of more than 718 billion euros.

Monitoring which is further facilitated at the level of daily transactions of citizens and businesses or professionals with the new application, Appodixi, presented today.

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