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The Youth National Team “sunk” Croatia and advanced to the European semifinals!


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Let the next pass!

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THE National Youth in polo he did one mythical twist on the twisthe won 8-7 Croatia and deservedly advanced to his semi-finals European Championship!

There, the representative group will face Spain on Friday (23/9, 20:00).

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Thus, the way was opened for claiming the medals and – why not – her top of the podiumas was done in 2018 at the similar event in Minsk.

The quarter final had shocking development. Ilias Machira’s players led 4-3, but from then on the match saw changes in the lead between the two teams. The Croatians won 5-4, they threatened to escape, but the Greek team with a good defense and pluralistic solutions in the attack, managed to go ahead with two goals, 8-6, with Lykoudi and Kandanoleon. The Croats went down to 8-7, but the Greeks handled it well and held on big win-qualification.


Eight minutes: 1-0, 3-3, 0-2, 4-2.

GREECE (Ilias Machiras): Karakouros, Bouzalas 1, Lykoudis 1, Tottis, Almyras 1, Kastrinakis, Gillas 2, Spahits 1, Myrilos, Pouros, Bitsakos Chr., Kandanoleon 2, Iliopoulos.

CROATIAN: Gyula, Bourdielez 1, Liepava 1, Busic 1, Burburan 1, Pavlic, Kurbanic, Radan, Radic 1, Zvono 2, Mozara, Stojanac, Chubranic.

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