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Savings loses from inflation for two years, news quiz of the week and what matters in the market


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Savings loses from inflation for two years

In August, the savings account celebrated its two-year anniversary, yielding below inflation.

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In the period, the investment lagged even further behind its fixed-income “sisters”, which saw profitability increase during the longest-running monetary tightening cycle in history.

In numbers: in the 12-month window ended in August, the real profitability (discounting inflation) of savings was negative in 1.85%according to a survey by the TC/Economatica platform.

  • Those who invested BRL 1,000 in savings in August 2021 would have BRL 1,067.24 at the end of the same month this year. When discounting the value for inflation of 8.73% in the period, the final return is BRL 949.83.
  • The last time the preferred investment of Brazilians showed positive profitability in a one-year period was in August 2020.
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What explains: savings have lagged so far behind other investments because of the way their remuneration is calculated.

  • It is 0.5% per month whenever the Selic is above 8.5% per year. This results in a profitability of 6.17% per year plus the TR (Referential Rate).
  • When the base rate is up to 8.5%, the savings yield is equivalent to 70% from Selic.

Alternatives: even with the maintenance of the Selic at 13.75% per year, the attractiveness of fixed income investments remains high.

  • Incentivized debentures and LCIs (Mortgage Letters of Credit) and LCAs (Agribusiness Letters of Credit), exempt from IR (Income Tax), offer real yields of at least 7% per year, according to projections by financial search engine Yubb.

What to do if your data is leaked

Every minute, more than 455 Brazilians have their personal data leaked on the internet, according to a study by Surfshark, a Dutch cybersecurity company.

This type of crime, which accesses databases of both private companies and public agencies, has become more frequent.

Last year, there was the “end of the world leak”, as columnist Ronaldo Lemos called the crime that exposed the personal information of more than 220 million Brazilians.

But what to do when your data is leaked?

  • In addition to immediately changing all passwords, it is necessary to try to understand how and where the leak occurred, and then contact the institution and question it.
  • If that doesn’t work, the victim must gather evidence of the leak and forward it to the ANPD, the Brazilian data protection authority. If the exhibition comes from a government database, it must also be forwarded to the agency itself.
  • The victim must still file a police report at a police station that deals with cybercrime. In some it is possible to carry out this process online.

More about GDPR (General Data Protection Law)

Find out what data of residents must be protected by condominiums.

take a break

  • To watch: “Eike – All or Nothing” – in theaters

The film that premiered this Thursday (22) is based on the book of the same name about Eike Batista, by journalist Malu Gaspar, and focuses the narrative on the businessman’s business.

It comprises the period of its rise – from 2006, with the discovery of the pre-salt layer – to its arrest in 2017, accused of being part of the corruption scheme moved by the former governor of Rio Sérgio Cabral, imprisoned since 2016.

The idea is to make the public understand how OGX, founded by Eike in 2007, acquired blocks in the Campos basin and speculated about its production capacity.

In the euphoria of its IPO in 2008, which raised around BRL 6.7 billionsmall investors bought Eike’s idea largely because of the charismatic and vain figure of the businessman, portrayed in the film by Nelson Freitas.

critique: film is didactic and pleasant in exposing the story of the rise and fall of what was once one of the richest men in the world, writes Lúcia Monteiro.

In addition to the economy:

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  • Sheet Guide: Three pizzerias in SP are among the 100 best in the world; get to know each one.

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