Lula promises exemption from income tax for those who earn up to R$ 5,000

Lula promises exemption from income tax for those who earn up to R$ 5,000

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) resumed, in the free electoral program on TV this Monday (10), the promise of zeroing the Income Tax for those who earn up to R$ 5,000 a month.

In the insert, which has as its theme the resumption of the purchasing power of Brazilians, the promise is of “zero income tax for those who earn up to R$ 5,000 and a discount for the middle class”.

Today, the exemption range is up to R$ 1,903.98. In other words, those who earn just over a minimum wage pay Income Tax.

The change in the IR is a wish of the PT member, who spoke on the subject, but later left it aside for lack of impact studies on collection. According to a source heard by Reuters, the cost of this measure could be offset by the adoption of taxation on profits and dividends provided for in the party’s tax reform proposal.

Last week, the Sheet showed that the PT campaign worked with an exemption range of up to R$3,000.

The readjustment of the exemption band would have the effect of pushing the other bands. Today, those who earn above R$4,664 pay the maximum rate.

Last week, economist Guilherme Mello, who is part of the writing committee of the PT government program, told Sheet that in the event of Lula’s election, the correction of the table would be implemented within a tax reform proposal.

The loss of revenue caused by the readjustment of the IR table, he says, would be partially offset by taxation on the distribution of profits and dividends, in addition to other measures such as combating tax evasion.

In the 2018 campaign, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) promised that he would readjust the Income Tax table, but he did not fulfill his electoral promise. With the rise of inflation in the last two years, the lag reached a historic peak.

Lula is in first place in the polls of voting intentions for the Presidency of the Republic, ahead of Bolsonaro.

At the start of the second round of this year’s presidential race, the PT marks 49% of the voting intention measured by Datafolha in its first survey of this stage of the race. If the election were today, 44% say they would vote for the current president.

The undecided are 2%, and blanks and nulls add up to 6%. The poll is a snapshot of the moment and does not necessarily reflect the vote that candidates will have.

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