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Cashier pays old PIS allowance of up to BRL 1,212; take your doubts


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Caixa paid this Monday (17) an extra batch of the PIS salary bonus for around 1.1 million workers. The allowance varies from R$101 to R$1,212, depending on the number of months worked in the reference year. Amounts that are not deposited into an account can be withdrawn until December 29.

Who receives in this lot

The new batch has allowances for workers who:

  • asked for a review of value;
  • went to court;
  • old allowances, which were not withdrawn in the payment schedules already closed (from 2016 to 2020).

Where the money is deposited

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For those who are Caixa customers, the allowance is paid directly into the worker’s account. For other beneficiaries, the bank automatically opens a digital social savings account in their name, which can be operated by the Caixa Tem app or at any Caixa branch.

If Caixa is unable to open the digital account, the withdrawal can be made with the Citizen Card and password at self-service terminals, lottery, Caixa Aqui or branches.

How to check if the allowance has been paid

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Access the apps:

  • box has
  • Cashier worker
  • Digital Job Card, on the Benefits tab

Call phones:

For telephone service, simply choose option 3, then enter the CPF and the day and month of birth. The system will inform you if there are available installments of the allowance

Through the Internet


For to have the PIS/Pasep allowance of up to one minimum wage is necessary:

  • Be registered for at least five years with PIS (for workers of private companies) or Pasep (for workers of public companies);

  • Have formally worked for at least 30 days (consecutive or not) in the reference year;

  • Have exercised remunerated activity for PJ (Legal Entity), for at least 30 consecutive days or not, in the base year considered for calculation
  • Have received, in the reference year, a monthly average of up to two minimum wages;

  • The employer must have correctly informed the employee’s data in the Rais of the base year. The allowance amounts are paid to identified workers based on information provided by the employer via Rais or eSocial


  • Domestic employee

  • Rural workers employed by individuals

  • Urban workers employed by individuals

  • Workers employed by an individual equivalent to a legal entity

Allowance varies from BRL 101 to BRL 1,212

The benefit can reach a minimum wage (R$ 1,212) and depends on the number of months worked in the base year. Each month worked earns BRL 101.

Months worked in the base year allowance amount
1 BRL 101.00
two BRL 202.00
3 BRL 303.00
4 BRL 404.00
5 BRL 505.00
6 BRL 606.00
7 BRL 707.00
8 BRL 808.00
9 BRL 909.00
10 BRL 1,010.00
11 BRL 1,111.00
12 BRL 1,212.00

And the current payment schedule for the PIS/Pasep allowance?

Payments of the current PIS/Pasep 2022 salary allowance were released between February and March of this year, according to the month of birth. The PIS 2022 allowance is intended for professionals who worked with a formal contract in 2020.

Calendar change delayed payments

The change in PIS/Pasep, which now has a calendar of releases concentrated all in the same year, postponed the start of payments and workers who should have received the money from July 2021 only had access from February this year.

In March 2021, Codefat approved a change in the PIS/Pasep calendar, which became annual and no longer by the system that started payments in the second half of a year and continued until the first half of the following year.

Salary allowance is not a PIS quota

The salary bonus is different from the quotas, which are due to beneficiaries who worked between 1971 and 1988 and did not withdraw the amounts, as well as their heirs, if applicable. At the end of August, Caixa reported that there were BRL 24.6 billion in PIS/Pasep quotas that can be withdrawn by 10.6 million people.

The quota money can be withdrawn through the FGTS app for cell phones and tablets. According to Caixa, access to the amounts can be done completely online and on the main screen of the application appears the information of the balance available for withdrawal.

Anyone who worked with a formal contract in the private sector or acted as a public servant between 1971 and 1988 and who has not yet withdrawn the money from his quota is entitled to the withdrawal.

How to withdraw PIS quota

  • Download or update the FGTS app
  • Enter CPF and password, and click on the requested images; then go to “Login”
  • On the home screen, the message “You have available cashout” will appear.
  • Then go to “Request the PIS/Pasep withdrawal”
  • Choose if you want to credit the account or make the withdrawal in person
  • Then check your data; if everything is ok, select “Confirm Withdrawal”
  • It is possible to indicate an account in any bank to receive the amounts

How to cash out in person

Withdrawal in person can be done with a social card, such as the Citizen Card. In this case, the withdrawal of amounts is limited to R$ 3,000 and can be done at lottery or ATMs. The account holder must present the identification document.

How heirs withdraw the PIS quota

The heirs of the worker entitled to the quota can also have access to the money, but they need to access the FGTS app and make the withdrawal request, in the “Meus Saques” option. Choose “Other Withdrawal Situations” and then indicate “PIS/PASEP – Death of the Worker”. You will need to send documents.

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