End of discount for retired server in SP is approved by deputies


The Alesp (Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo) unanimously approved this Tuesday (25) the end of the social security discount for state employees. If sanctioned by Governor Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB), the measure will take effect from January 1, 2023.

In a note, the state government stated that Rodrigo had already promised during the electoral campaign, in which he was defeated, that he would revoke the increase in the contribution of public servants and that he will sanction the project as soon as it is forwarded.

The approval of PLC (Project of Complementary Law) 43/2022 was a demand from servers that arose from the discount of the social security contribution of retirees and pensioners, with the state social security reform of 2020.

The civil servants reform raised the minimum age for retirement in the state of São Paulo, changed the formula for calculating the benefit, increased the social security contribution, limited the accumulation of benefits and also changed the rules of the pension for death.

The discount, from 12% to 14% on retirements and pensions with a value above the minimum wage, had been instituted in September of that year, by former governor João Doria (then of the PSDB), after the approval of the reform. Before, only the benefits that exceeded the INSS ceiling had the incidence of a rate.

Before the reform, only active civil servants should contribute to the regime. The 2020 change established that inactive or pensioners would also make the payment. The proposed rate was 12% to 16%, depending on the salary range.

From R$1,212.01 to R$3,473.74, the charge is 12%; from R$3,473.75 to the RGPS ceiling (General Social Security Regime, currently at R$7,087.22), of 14%; above the ceiling, the discount is 16%.

With the approval of the new proposal and maintaining the original text of the project, only civil servants and pensioners who receive above the ceiling will continue to pay the monthly contribution.

On his Twitter account, the president of Alesp, deputy Carlão Pignatari (PSDB), celebrated the approval of the project:

One of the first parliamentarians to celebrate the bill’s approval on social media, Congresswoman Professora Bebel (PT) said that the bill’s approval is a great victory for civil servants, ending what became known as “confiscation of retirees”.

“This project, built by many deputies, was one of the struggles I fought in the Assembly together with Apeoesp [entidade que representa os professores] and other unions representing civil servants. I prioritized this PLC, subscribed by the 94 deputies, to facilitate approval in the Legislative House and, thus, free servers from this criminal injustice created in the government of Doria and Rodrigo Garcia.”

According to the deputy, the next step is to ensure that the state returns the amounts that have already been deducted from servers since the reform was approved.

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