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Has Aid Brasil loan been cancelled? See the main reasons and what to do


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The beneficiary of Auxílio Brasil who had the payroll loan request canceled by Caixa Econômica Federal can still apply for the loan. According to the bank, it is estimated that about 200,000 people who had their contract under review or pending until last Friday (21) will have to make a new request.

Those who had their order cancelled, but are within the rules defined by the Ministry of Citizenship, need to redo the request through the Caixa Tem app, at lottery houses or bank branches.

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On the other hand, those who are outside the rules stipulated by the federal government can ask for the Consigned Auxilio Brasil only after regularizing the pending issues, as in the case of an irregular CPF. Anyone who is under the emancipation rule, in which the benefit is cut off after two years, cannot take the credit.

Main reasons that lead to loan cancellation

  1. CPF with problem with the Federal Revenue
  2. Not having responded to the call from the Ministry of Citizenship
  3. Have not yet received three installments of the benefit
  4. Not receiving the benefit into account
  5. Brazil aid expected to end

How to regularize the CPF at the Federal Revenue

Possessing a regular CPF number is one of the requirements made by the government for the granting of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. Without registration regularity, the loan is not granted.

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The CPF can be considered irregular in case of pending delivery of income tax returns or pending with the Electoral Justice, as well as identification of some type of fraud and presence of incomplete or incorrect data.

You can find out if your registration is up to date on the IRS consultation website. If the result is “regular”, any restriction informed by Caixa will not be related to pending issues with the Revenue.

Otherwise, the regularization of CPF data can be done free of charge on the internet, through the electronic form “Request for Regularization of the CPF”.

If it is not possible to regularize through the website, the service can be done by email or in person at a Federal Revenue agency.

How and where to respond to calls from the Ministry of Citizenship

Families receiving Auxílio Brasil need to update their registration information every two years, even if there is no change in the data. If there are changes in the family, the update should be done as soon as possible.

This applies to situations such as new address, increase or decrease in income, change of children’s school, changes in the documents of the person responsible for the household, births, deaths, arrival and departure of people in the household.

In addition, every year the federal government summons families with outdated data to change the records. The call may occur through letters, phone calls or messages on bank statements. Through the Meu CadÚnico application, it is possible to access the data, monitor the registration status and print receipts.

More than 1.4 million families whose registration was last reviewed in 2016 or 2017 were invited to re-register.

After being summoned, the update must be done in person, at a Cras unit (Social Reference Service Center) or at CadÚnico service stations. The Cras addresses in each municipality are on the website of the Ministry of Citizenship. Families that do not update the information for more than four years will be excluded from the registry.

For those who have not yet received the three installments of the benefit

According to the measure that regulated the Auxílio Brasil consignment, to be entitled to the loan at one of the authorized banks, the applicant must have received at least three installments of the benefit.

If the person has not yet received at least these three payments, they will have to wait until they do. Only then will it be possible to have access to credit.

How to receive the benefit in current account

Having a registered bank account to receive Auxílio Brasil deposits is another prerequisite. The contracted credit must be carried out exclusively in the bank account where the benefit is deposited.

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, the citizen who does not receive the benefit in a bank account needs to regularize the data in CadÚnico so that it is possible to open the account and, thus, release the credit.

Only after receiving the first aid in the new bank account will it be possible to apply for the credit.

When does Auxílio Brasil expire?

Families that are in the Emancipation Rule are not entitled to the Auxílio Brasil consignment. The rule is valid for families that have exceeded the income limit that entitles them to the assistance program. In this case, there is no way for the beneficiary to reverse the situation.

The Auxílio Brasil program is aimed at people in situations of economic and social vulnerability.

Families in extreme poverty, with a monthly family income per person (per capita) of up to R$ 105, and those in poverty, with a monthly family income per person between R$ 105.01 and R$ 210.

Families that have an increase in income and exceed these limits may have the benefit cancelled. However, the cut is not immediate. According to the Ministry of Citizenship, they start to benefit from the Emancipation Rule.

That is, they remain in the program for a period of two years, as long as their monthly per capita income does not exceed two and a half times the value of the poverty line, that is, R$ 525.

If the family’s income is exclusively from pension, retirement, permanent social security benefits paid by the public sector or from the BPC (Continued Benefit Benefit), the maximum time of permanence in the rule will be one year.

The return to the program can be carried out for a period of up to 36 months after the cancellation date.

With information from Agência Brasil

New payments come out only after the elections

After an overload generated by the explosion of accesses by Caixa Tem, the bank suspended the payroll and returned to receive loan applications on Monday (24). But the next day, he informed that the deadline for releasing the money went from two working days to five working days. With this, the beneficiaries who have the contract request approved must receive the money after the result of the second round of elections, which takes place this Sunday (30).

The unexpected volume of accesses in the last week overloaded Caixa’s systems, which had to undergo scheduled maintenance between 6 pm on Friday (21) and 7 am this Monday (24), along with Dataprev’s system.

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