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Panel SA: Biggest donors in the election, Ometto and Grendene no longer irrigate campaigns in the 2nd round


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Businessmen Rubens Ometto, chairman of Cosan’s board of directors, and Alexandre Grendene, chairman of Grendene’s board of directors, who are the two biggest campaign donors in this year’s elections, concentrated their resources on the 1st round.

According to data released by the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) until this Thursday (27), neither of the two returned to inject money in the race between Lula and Bolsonaro or in the state elections.

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Of the R$ 8.9 million donated, Ometto prioritized the national leadership of the Republicans with R$ 3 million and the national leadership of the PSD, with R$ 2 million. For the PP he offered R$ 1.5 million. Ometto also chose the campaign by Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans) to donate BRL 200,000, Tereza Cristina (PP), with BRL 100,000, and Ricardo Salles (PL), who received BRL 50,000, among others.

Alexandre Grendene, on the other hand, donated BRL 6.4 million distributed to campaigns by names such as Roberto Argenta (PSC), a defeated candidate for the government of Rio Grande do Sul who received BRL 1.9 million, Camilo Santana (PT-CE) with BRL $1 million and Bolsonaro with R$1 million.

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In a statement, Cosan said that the donations made by Rubens Ometto are “made on a personal basis and follow the rules established by the Superior Electoral Court and other applicable rules”. Grendene stated that it is a “public company and does not comment on personal decisions of its shareholders”.

Joana Cunha with Paulo Ricardo Martins and Diego Felix

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