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Justice orders suspension of social network of pro-Bolsonaro meatpacking plant in GO


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The Regional Electoral Court in Goiás determined, on Saturday night (29), the suspension of the profile of Frigorífico Goiás on Instagram. The company is suspected of insisting on the practice of crimes of abuse of economic power and irregular electoral propaganda for selling meat at R$ 22, in support of the candidacy of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The establishment sold a kilo of “picanha mito” for the same price on October 2, the date of the first shift, but hours later the court ordered the promotion to be suspended. Even so, according to the Regional Electoral Attorney in the state, the company continued to commit electoral crimes with the promotional action.

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The report was unable to locate representatives of the meatpacking company or lawyers for the company on Saturday night.

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The recent decision, handed down by Judge Wilton Müller Salomão, responded to the prosecutor’s statement and the request of the Brasil da Esperança Federation (PT/PC DO B/PV). Prosecutors José Ricardo Teixeira Alves, Rafael Paula Parreira Costa and Svamer Adriano Cordeiro added photos from the meatpacker’s social network to prove the irregularities.

In one of the posts on Instagram, the refrigerator announces “promotion of the galaxies”. “Two Ducklings for only R$22”, says the ad, which also shows a knife with the name Bolsonaro in relief.

The Prosecutor’s Office wants to fight any type of irregular propaganda that has reference to the names myth and Bolsonaro or the number 22.

Another ad offers more meat for the same price. “A good train is a good thing. Black Angus window rib R$ 22 Kg”, he says.

The establishment still promotes the sale of charcoal to propagate the president’s number at the polls. “In the purchase of any barbecue kit or picanha myth, charcoal costs 22 cents”.

Fine of BRL 100 thousand per hour

On the meatpacker’s Instagram profile, there are also photos of meat alongside firearms, which have become one of the symbols most used by the president’s supporters and even encouraged by him in gestures during the Brazil campaign. The slaughterhouse also displays knives with the name of Bolsonaro on the social network.

According to prosecutors, the products are still sold “with prices below the market and association with candidate number 22, whose name is inscribed on a knife next to pieces of noble meat and a machine-gun or rifle-type weapon, in addition to bearing reference to the candidate and his wife’s Instagram pages”.

When analyzing the content, the judge confirmed the continuity of possible electoral crimes. “I verified a new disclosure and/or commercial practice carried out by Casa de Carnes Frigorífico Goiás in a possible abuse of economic power to the detriment of isonomy between candidates in the political-electoral process, resulting in non-compliance with the decision [anterior]”, he wrote.

In the decision, the judge also ordered Frigorífico Goiás to stop performing any commercial act in its establishment or on the internet, using the disclosure of prices of goods or in any other way that has the purpose of promoting, even if disguised, candidacy in the 2022 elections.

The magistrate also imposed a fine of R$ 100 thousand per hour of non-compliance.

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