Bolsonaro’s speech ignites groups calling for a coup and road blocks


The radicalized militancy that encourages and organizes roadblocks via Telegram has understood that it must maintain the acts that question the result of the election after the statement by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who broke the silence after 45 hours.

The president encouraged what he called peaceful demonstrations, did not recognize the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and limited himself to saying that he is against the restriction of coming and going.

The speech served as gasoline for groups that have defended a coup d’état.

“Yes, let’s ask for federal intervention”, “I’m more excited and optimistic to take to the streets tomorrow!”, “he didn’t say it’s not to demonstrate. This is the signal he gave us”. “The message he gave: Peaceful demonstration without blocking the passages. And yes, it’s going to the front of the barracks. Guys, this is the time” are examples of messages of repercussion of the speech.

The movement of groups in the hours before Bolsonaro’s pronouncement signaled that those who are seeking to coordinate communications wanted to convey the idea that the content of the speech should not be taken into account.

Even if Bolsonaro were emphatic in acknowledging defeat or even in calling for an end to the demonstrations, this should not be accepted by the militancy.

The reading was that Bolsonaro would be prevented from saying what he wants and that he is just following an institutional protocol so as not to be seen as responsible for the strikes.

Bolsonaro, however, did not even mention his defeat or Lula’s victory. He said, on the other hand, that peaceful demonstrations are welcome.

“Current popular movements are the result of indignation and a feeling of injustice regarding the electoral process. Peaceful demonstrations will always be welcome, but our methods cannot be like those of the left, which have always harmed the population, such as invasion of property , destruction of patrimony and restriction of the right to come and go”, he said.

“At no time was there any clear indication from the President of the Republic about the recognition of the result. The protests tend to intensify from this Tuesday, taking millions of Brazilians to the streets”, are examples of messages that circulated after the pronouncement.

A few users echoed the speech of the Civil House Minister Ciro Nogueira, seen as an acknowledgment of defeat. “Yes, he did. Didn’t you see Ciro Nogueira’s speech, right after the President’s?”, wrote one user.

In addition to the roadblocks, since Monday (30), lists are being shared with addresses of barracks and military commands in different cities in the country, encouraging supporters to go to these places to ask for federal intervention.

One of the theories, without any basis in reality, is that the movements must last at least 72 hours for Bolsonaro to take action. There are already acts taking place in different places since Monday, but the predominant orientation is for concentration this Wednesday at 15 pm.

Before the announcement, the tone of the messages was that Bolsonaro’s silence was also a sign to continue the demonstrations or that even if he did pronounce it, it should not be considered a message to be followed.

“Bolsonaro’s silence was a message for us. Unfortunately, he is forced to speak [para cessar as manifestações]otherwise, they will interpret that his silence is responsible for the stoppage”, said an activist in one of the groups, in a message that summarizes the prevailing idea. “Bolsonaro has already done his part.”

“No matter how much he speaks, we will not take his words into consideration. Now what matters is the will of the people who are outraged by the frauds used to hand over the command of our dear Brazil to the thief!” it’s another message.

Since Sunday night, when Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) was elected, Telegram groups began to intensify coup, violent and xenophobic discourses. Bolsonaro’s silence became a constant subject and generated several interpretations.

The prevailing idea is that Bolsonaro did not manifest himself so as not to be blamed for the demonstrations, but that it was the role of “patriots” to maintain civil resistance” for 72 hours. Armadas to act in their favor and against Lula’s victory.

Several messages in the groups pass the guidelines on to those present at the barricades. They ask that, if approached by the police, the militants do not quote Bolsonaro or mention article 142 of the Constitution or military intervention.

Old videos of Bolsonaro were also shared saying that he needed the people on the streets to take any action, otherwise he would be a dictator.

Organizers are asking for the militancy’s help to bring food, water, TVs and chemical toilets to the barricades, as well as the release of Pix numbers to fund protests.

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