Collection calls will have to be identified with code 0304


Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) approved, at a meeting of the board of directors this Thursday (3), that telephone calls destined for collection services will have to be identified by the code 0304. act of the regulatory agency, scheduled for the next few days.

Since March 2022, telemarketing operators have been required to place the 0303 number on calls made to consumers to sell products, as part of Anatel’s efforts to curb the harmful effects of short-term calls lasting less than three seconds. of duration.

“The collection activity is offensive in equal or greater weight than the telemarketing activity in terms of volume of short calls in Brazil”, said Anatel counselor Emmanoel Campelo, during the board meeting this Thursday.

He added that the approved measure seeks to combat the abusive conduct of collection companies. “The 0304 code designation is a tool that empowers the telecommunications user regardless of the situation they find themselves in.”

The indiscriminate receipt of abusive calls, at any time of the day or night, is a problem that has afflicted Brazilian society for several years, said Campelo.

“It is indeed regrettable that the misuse of telecommunications networks has practically led to the disuse of this service. [de telefonia]”, said counselor Arthur Coimbra.

Councilor Moisés Moreira said that “what is sought is the adoption of responsible conduct by these companies without overloading the networks”.

In addition to identification codes, consumers already have tools to prevent short-term calls. In the state of São Paulo, Procon-SP (Foundation for Consumer Protection and Defense) offers the “Don’t Call Me”. Established by state law of 2008, the system allows consumers to register their number so they do not receive any type of telemarketing call.

The measure also allows that, in addition to calls, whether automatic or made by robots, messages are not sent by SMS or applications, such as WhatsApp, for example, seeking the holder of the line or someone else. In this register, companies are also prohibited from making calls or sending collection messages.

Interested parties should access the website It is possible to include up to five landline or cell phone lines, as long as they are in the consumer’s name. After the 30th day of registration, telemarketing companies must stop making contact on the registered number.

If this does not occur, the customer can return to the site and file a complaint. The São Paulo legislation does not affect companies that ask for donations.

There is yet another way to block calls, using the “Do Not Disturb” system. The measure applies to the offer of products and services through telephone contact exclusively to telecommunications operators and financial institutions, which involves mobile, landline, pay TV and internet companies, in addition to the offer of payroll loans.

To block calls, simply access the website and register. The blocking of the registered number will occur within 30 calendar days from the date of the order. To check your request or unlock it, just access the site again with your login and password.

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