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Pix turns two and reaches 70% of the banked population


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Pix completes two years this Wednesday (16) with 138 million users currently registered and a financial movement in the last 12 months equivalent to the GDP of Brazil.

According to data from the Central Bank, 130 million individuals — 70% of the banked population — have made at least one Pix since November 2020.

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The means of payment has also been used by 11.4 million legal entities, which represents 55% of companies identified as active in the country by the Ministry of Economy.

The most recent data, from October this year, shows 523 million registered keys, such as emails, CPFs and cell phone numbers. Each user can have more than one key.

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Pix has already become the most used payment method in Brazil. It accounted for 27% of transactions carried out in the second quarter, ahead of credit cards (20%) and debit cards (19%). In terms of financial volume, it represented 11% of this movement, still behind TED (43%), interbank transfers (21%) and boletos (13%).

Since it was launched, 26 billion Pix were made, moving BRL 13 trillion. In the last 12 months, R$ 9.5 trillion were transferred, an amount that is equivalent to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) estimated by the BC for Brazil in the period.

Transfers between individuals accounted for 67% of operations and 39% of the money handled in the month of October. The so-called “business to business” accounted for only 3% of the number of transactions, but reached 37% of the volume of resources.

The movement between consumers and companies appears with 30% of the operations and 24% of the financial movement in the most recent month.

Among Pix’s next steps are its expansion to other countries and the possibility of making international transfers. Colombia, Uruguay and Peru have already shown interest in developing a tool along the same lines.

In the first year of the system’s operation, the country’s large banks saw their revenues from checking account services drop, but the system also opened up new business and earnings possibilities, such as the offer of credit for transactions via Pix.

According to Febraban (federation of banks), Pix is ​​approved by 85% of Brazilians. In the assessment of the entity, the tool accelerated the means of payment revolution in the country.

This success even became a reason for electoral dispute this year, with Central Bank employees criticizing the government’s discourse on the paternity of the idea, which began to be developed under Michel Temer (MDB).

Along with the facilities created by Pix, various types of scams and frauds created by specialized gangs also appeared, which led the BC and financial institutions to develop measures to increase user safety.

According to a Datafolha survey carried out in June, in the state of São Paulo, 30% find the payment method not at all safe, while 47% consider it a little safe.

In most cases, criminals take advantage of the practicality and agility of the tool — which allows real-time transfers — to make their victims.

A year ago, the special Pix return mechanism was created — which aims to recover amounts diverted by fraud or scam.

The BC intends to hold accountable banks that have orange accounts — opened by criminals on behalf of other people. Fraudsters use victim data to open digital bank accounts, which are used to receive money via Pix from other people who are also targeted by criminals.


  • means of payment created by the Central Bank
  • funds are transferred between accounts in a few seconds (settlement is in real time)
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays
  • carried out from a current account, savings account or prepaid payment account at 734 institutions authorized by the BC
  • free for paying individuals
  • there is no minimum limit for payments or transfers
  • institutions and users can set maximum limits

Next steps for Pix

  • QR Code generated by the payer
  • Pix Guaranteed
  • Duplicate on Pix
  • Pix International
  • New ways of initiation (NFC; Bluetooth; RFID; Facial recognition)

Source: Central Bank

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